We can help accredit your existing training programme or we can develop a bespoke training programme for you or for your organisation. Accredited programmes can range from Certificate to Diploma, Undergraduate to Post graduate and even at Ph. D level

But you know that is just the start.

Benefits of having an accredited Training programme:

  • International recognition
  • Motivates staff and this improves the quality of the work
  • Your organisation stands out by demonstrating the high level expertise of its staff

We will help you to:

    • Review your existing programme and its learning outcomes or create learning outcomes for your new programme.
    • Develop a programme and its detailed syllabus
    • Get your programme accredited
    • Train your staff in assessment and quality assurance
    • Implement your new programme
    • Provide annual assessment and quality assurance services

    Please visit our corporate section to see the courses you can currently offer.  To further discuss how we can help you please call us on or email us at develop@ceduc.org.uk